The World Will be a Better Place



The would will be a better place

When we realize that everything we do has a consequence for our children.

If we consider,  before we act, how our actions will affect the children in our community.

We could not make the mistakes that have led to degradation of the environment and our

society.  The answer is simple. If everyone woke up everyday and asked themselves,

What can I do for the children in my community today? 

And let this be the guiding principle for their day no matter what their profession and then

at the end of the day reflected on the actions in terms of the children by asking,

What have I done for the children in my community today? 

Then the world would be a better place.

No one would pollute.

No one would cut social, environmental, education, housing, nutrition and social welfare

programs that help people.

No one would add gratuitous fees to health care, or social welfare programs.

Insurance can be converted to direct health care programming.

Housing would only be provided in the context of wellness promoting health, education

and work force training programs and only as a temporary solution with a time limit and

adequate progress towards a goal as the guiding principle.Never punitive always positive.

Everyone deserves a place to live, a way to make a living and the chance to improve their

lives. Children deserve a place to play and a nurturing environment with proper nutrition

role models and a positive outlook for their futures.

This is all in the best interest of the economy and would increase productivity for the

country as a whole in spite of the rhetoric to the contrary.

None of these things is more expensive than the ongoing wars that plagues the world.

These are the things that would increase the quality of life for all.

The world would be a better place if everyone considered the outcomes of their actions on

the children in their community on a daily basis especially the politicians, human service,

and education administrators.  Peaceful solutions peaceful actions mindful lives well lived.

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Ask, believe, receive




Ask: I deserve meaningful employment working in an atmosphere of mindfulness at the level of my highest and best use with compensation and benefits that allow me to be independent for housing, health, payments, credit, transportation and travel.


Believe: I deserve a place in the market as befitting my education, training and experience. It is time for me to reclaim my academic and professional standing in education in the workforce and in the professional community at large. I am worthy. I have worked hard and built up an extraordinary foundation using my natural abilities and making use of my education, professional training and experience and it is time to put the pieces together into a meaningful whole leading to community, relationship and security.


Receive: Offer, placement, housing, with health and professional benefits long term financial planning saving for retirement paying off SL with some moderating programs that help us all. Ability to travel both to afford the expenses and have the time off to explore, study, work on the farms, WWOOF, pilgrimage, work and study abroad with friends and family and relationship.


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Montara Smiles

Montara Smiles


Coyote eyes stare back at me


Deer family whizzes by


Hawks screech


Owls Hoot


Ocean roars


Waves Beckon


Montara Smiles


Time to reflect


Time to move on


Coastside memories


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PBPeace Basket 

Rug, small basket, shell and hearts

Two children bring out the basket,

lay out the rug and materials and sit opposite

Each student tells the problem, then poses a solution

speaking in turn with the shell as the ‘talking stick’


Establishing lasting peace is the work of education;

     all politics can do is keep us out of war.  

                                                     Maria Montessori

Materials in the Peace Basket – Shell as ‘talking stick’ in a smaller basket  

PB3container of hearts offered by each student 

to the other to signify resolution. 





Thank you to Learning Ark Montessori for this lovely interpretation of the Peace Circle, Corner or Garden for small spaces.

Peace Mandala




                                                            Help me do it myself – Maria Montessori






flower inset naturetray leaves friends graceandcourtesychart MannersSubwayPoster simply 1-ff3cd26404 2-e34bf20e17 3-f6f5a7cf9a bir grturt seed fish root read turt


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to live a life of wonder and joy

to be healthy in mind and body

to be productive in mind and body

to live in a serene inspiring space

to complete daily tasks with grace and ease

to manage projects with creativity, organization and clarity

to see my projects to completion, publish, file, meet deadlines

to manage the research, draft, embellish, edit and presentation process

to move from the research, draft, embellish, edit processes to presentation

to document the teaching and learning processes in all phases of my career

to publish in teacher journals first then academic drawing practical ideas together

to publish articles in general media locations that show how many things influence education

to paint the pictures of the everyday realities of public education

to demonstrate the successes of teachers managing in spite of obstacles

to be the change, to be part of the solution, to listen to all sides

to be able to clearly confidently support what works and who is making it happen

to create life, work, and travel plans mindful of peace, joy and focus intention 

to see the effects of my actions or non actions

to be a loving supportive mother, daughter, sister, auntie, granddaughter

to be a considerate supportive friend, partner, coworker, teammate, neighbor

to be active in the water, swim, sail, surf, paddle

to be active on the land, walk, hike, ride, garden, climb hills and stairs

to be active inside, yoga, dance, body flow, swim, climb stairs

to challenge myself intellectually, personally, and physically

to complete my projects one at a time and claim my professional standing

to be a professional in Montessori, early literacy, intervention, nature

and play based education, sensory, physical movement sequences, motor planning,

Kindergarten, Waldorf Education, learn forest school, teach swimming, ski, sail, art,

painting, murals, Earth painting on playground,

gardening, care of plants, translate to care of environment, travel and teach

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clean, quiet, calm, organized, safe and joyful

school-houseNew School

in the fog

within reasonable driving distance

no parking hassles

nice good principal

nice room with storage

reasonable caseload

reasonable case management

reasonable documentation

reasonable student delays

reasonable parents

smart fun supportive colleagues

reasonable salary, benefits, schedule,

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Peace, joy and focus

Will it bring me peace?  Will it bring me joy?  Will it help me focus?

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